Ordering online?

Parcel services

Often people who shop online and want items sent to Nunavut run into the problem of not being able to ship the goods. The other problem may be that the freight for the goods will cost a lot and it does not seem reasonable to send.


Please use our Winnipeg distribution address


1860 Notre Dame Ave

Winnipeg, MB

R3H 0X8


  • Please make sure you write YOUR NAME on it with our address. This way we know who this package is for.
  • Please make sure you let us know in an email (orders@arcticbuyingco.com)to expect this package. This way we have it printed out and waiting to let you know we have received it.

Disclaimers & Exemptions

  • We reserve the right to inspect packages that arrive to our warehouse.
  • Any items that may be considered Dangerous Goods will NOT be shipped without proper documentation. We can provide this service for $99.00 for most items.

Receiving and Delivery of products to the airline

  • 0-30kgs total weight – $30.00               31-75kgs total weight – $40.00
  • 75kgs up to 100kgs – $60.00                  100kgs up – call for pricing
  • Delivery to Cargo charges can be varied depending on size and not always weight (e.g. shower, pallet, crated)  – call for quote

Please Note:

Freight charges are extra.